Functional polymeric materials, nanocomposites and devices

The research activity of CIMAINA also deals with the design, synthesis and fabrication of functional polymeric nanocomposites and smart deformable systems, targeting at strategic application fields, such as wearable electronics, biomedicine, energy storage and soft robotics. By using a multidisciplinary approach, the group is devoted to develop novel soft nanocomposite materials with tailored physicochemical properties and integrated actuation and sensing capabilities. The library of materials, developed in-house, comprises electroactive ionic gels and biodegradable ionic polymer/metal nanocomposites, piezoelectric and electrically conductive nanocomposites, stimuli-responsive and biocompatible hydrogels, and cellulose-based functional materials. Along with new materials design, CIMAINA also investigates on innovative manufacturing routes for the prototyping and packaging of bio-inspired platforms with embedded intelligence and fluidic miniaturized devices. This is pursued by merging advanced polymer micro and nano-fabrication technologies and processing, such as 3D printing, molding, deposition of cluster-assembled metallic thin films and surface modification techniques. The materials and devices thus produced are characterized by mean of state-of-the-art facilities and customized experimental setups.


Paolo Milani (Full Professor)

Lorenzo Migliorini (Research Fellow)
Tommaso Santaniello (Research Fellow)

Michele Danesi (post-graduate)