Smart Materials and Nanocomposites for Soft Robotics and Electronics

Soft robotics and electronics take inspiration from living beings, which are constituted by soft tissues able to change their shape and dimensions to adapt to the surrounding environment. Therefore, soft robots and devices are based on polymeric materials able to combine soft mechanical properties and active functionalities, such as mechanical actuation, signal delivering and computing, energy harvesting and storage, sensing, communication.

In the labs of CIMaINa, we put our efforts in the design, synthesis and characterization of smart soft materials and nanocomposites. By exploiting a variety of techniques and facilities, we efficiently combine soft polymers, ionic electrolytes and conductive nanoparticles, in order to obtain hybrid materials able to carry out different smart functionalities, needed by the most advanced soft devices.

Materials and devices  

Smart ionogels and hydrogels
Soft electro-mechanical actuators Supercapacitors
Strain sensors
Stretchable conductors
Piezoelectrics soft materials
Fabrication and characterization techniques

  Spray coating
Solvent casting
UV radical photopolymerization
Supersonic cluster beam deposition
Electro-mechanical characterization
Electrochemical techniques


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